AIPCE Conference: Open seminar: ”Algorithms and Media Ethics”

AIPCE Conference
Open seminar: ”Algorithms and Media Ethics”
11th October 2018, 11-16.30 o’clock
Helsinki, Finland

Seminar schedule

11.00-16.30 Open seminar: Algorithms and Media Ethics

The media councils have been concerned about the use of algorithms by platforms like Facebook and Google. We should also note that the media itself is increasingly using algorithms in news automation and personification, and the press councils should be prepared to deal with these issues.

11.00    Esa Mäkinen, Helsingin Sanomat:  How algorithms are used in media 
11.30    Keynote Speech: Emily Bell: Platforms, the future of journalism, and media                      ethics
12.30    Lunch (omakustanteinen)
13.15    Matthias Spielkamp: Can platforms be regulated and how does it affect                           journalism? The German example
13.45    Panel discussion: Platforms, the future of journalism and media ethics

             Moderator: Jussi Pullinen 
             Emily Bell 
             Matthias Spielkamp
             Eero Korhonen, Google

14.45    Coffee break    
15.00    Carl-Gustav Lindén, Helsinki University: Comment: Why Ethical codes should                  address transparency in the use of algorithms
15.30    Discussion
15.45    Sakari Ilkka, Finland: Statement by the Finnish Media Council about the Right                  to be Forgotten
16.30    End of program


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