How to complain

Complaints should be filed in the following manner:

A complaint may be filed by any individual requesting the investigation of a matter concerning breach of good professional practice or the freedom of speech and publication. The matter does not have to directly concern to the person issuing the complaint. The CMM requires, however, that this person consent to the investigation. If the matter concerns incorrect information, the complainant must first ask the medium to correct it. Correspondence between the complainant and the editorial office concerning the correction must be attached to the complaint.

The CMM will not investigate complaints submitted anonymously, nor - unless there are special reasons - complaints where more than three months has elapsed since publication.

The complaint must by submitted in writing and signed. No other formal requirements are necessary. Assistance may be sought from the secretary of the CMM when necessary.

The complaint should specify precisely what article, programme, photograph or practice it concerns.

If the complaint concerns a magazine publication, it is advised that a clipping from the issue be attached. Complaints concerning radio or television programmes should include the exact date, channel and time of broadcast. Complaints concerning electronic publications on Internet must include the Internet address.

The person filing the complaint may submit other attachments. The CMM may request additional information and verbal statements from the parties involved in the matter.

The complaint may be filed through the general post or as electronic post.